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Certified Automotive Locksmith
Here at A American Locksmith we primarily focus on vehicles. As with many other trades, knowledge is everything. Therefore we became a member of ALOA to open our doors to training that is normally unavailable. This training gives us the industry leading edge over the competition. Regularly receiving training on the newest vehicles, tools, and procedure’s to service them correctly! Relax knowing a certified locksmith is on the job!



Most keys in today’s vehicles that are programmed to the vehicles computer. The vehicle systems are wireless, very clean, and almost invisible to auto owners. Without this device, the vehicle cannot be started, we are able to program almost all makes and models up to 2013 keys come in all shapes and sizes with or without remote some examples include,








There are typically two types of repairs in today’s automotive locksmith business. Malfunctioning locks cylinders or keys.

-Worn Keys
-Stuck Locks
-Power lock actuators

-Missing Door Handles or Locks

Traditional Car Key – These keys are made of metal and have grooves cut to match your car’s ignition. Some cars have a separate key to open the doors, glove box, or trunk. The key can easily be duplicated at a local hardware store key cutting machine.

Keyless Entry Systems – As the name implies, in a keyless entry system, you do not need a physical key to enter your vehicle. You unlock the car with a remote or a keypad that is located on or around the door handle. You may have a key that starts the ignition or a push button.

Valet Key – The valet key is specially designed to use when your car is parked by a valet. The key is able to only start your car’s ignition and is unable to open the glove box or trunk. Some valet keys even restrict the amount of power the engine puts out to prevent a valet worker from taking your car for a spin.

Rolling Codes – The rolling codes key sends a new code each time the car key is used. It differs from the transponder key in that it does not send the same code every time. Instead, each time the key is used, a separate code is sent.

Remotes – Most cars that are manufactured today come with a remote control. These remotes allow the owner of the vehicle to lock and unlock doors, open or close tailgates or trunks, and tun on or off the car alarm. The operate by using either a radio transmitter or infrared signal to send a coded message to the receiver that is inside the vehicle’s design.

Transponder Keys – Sometimes called a chip key, the transponder key is an electronic key that has a computer microchip and is electronically coded. The chip is protected inside a plastic encasement. The code is matched with the vehicle to allow the key to start the engine or open the car doors. The transponder key is designed to prevent theft and are difficult to duplicate. It works with an activated radio signal that is sent from the car. Some cars are designed to shut down entirely if the wrong key is used in an attempt to start the engine

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