Everyone at sometime or another has to break down and call a locksmith. Its inevitable. So when the situation arises, call someone that you can trust. We have been around long enough to give you a good idea of the cost over the phone. We are able to provide lock sets in many different finishes and styles upon request. Designer hardware is always available if its still manufactured. We know locks and the parts that fail commonly in them. We only recommend locks we trust and rely on ourselves.

Quality Is Important

Remember, the quality of the install is 99% of the security in locks and other hardware. You could have a bank vault door for security, but if you cant lock it all the way, its as if you never had one anyway. 99% of the jobs we go to have incorrectly adjusted locks!


-Master Keying
-Key Control
-Hardware Install
-Mail Box Locks
-Push Button Locks

-Patio Doors
-Sliding Door
-Security Upgrades
-Safe Sales
-Repairs & Maintenance
-Pitcher Handle

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